14 September 2010

good things in life.

(Fall 2009, Starbucks at Cambridgeside Galleria)

This is the first September, since I was 4 years old, that I am not in my first weeks of school.  Usually during this time of the year, I am adjusting my schedule, trying to not have school on Mondays and Fridays, trying to make it fit my social calender (instead of the other way around).  Clearly I am in a nostalgic mood. When I was studying in Boston, my right kidney and I, would spend hours at the Starbucks in the Cambridgeside Galleria.  During these hours we should have been studying, socializing, or being productive, but instead we were simply enjoying each other, our surroundings, and our explicit time-wasting.  With our magazines in tote, books on hand, and Blackberries at arms reach, we enjoyed the present like most cannot.  Back then we would often say we wasted so much time there, but now I look back on it and on the contrary, I can honestly say it was definitely one of the good things in life.  What makes your life good?

Note:  Good company is essential when trying to accomplish this.  The setting must also be appropriate.  I have many times tried to duplicate this feeling, in other parts of the map, with other people...impossible.  Like Laverne needs Shirley and Dolce needs Gabbana...I need my right kidney.

04 September 2010


The simple mention of Takashi Murakami's name is enough to make me purchase a handbag or find a way to the exhibit.  This year, the amazing, yet controversial, artist will hold an exhibition at the Palace of Versailles.  Louis XIV and Murakami in one room, hello!!!  Murakami's eye for color, mixing fiction with nonfiction, and style are unbeatable.  One day I will own a piece, just wait.  If I was less than 5,000 miles away, it could be a little more than dreaming, but since I am not and cannot go to the exhibit, I will look forward to the footage that will be soon available!!!  Murakami <3<3<3 


30 August 2010

judge a book by it's cover...


I know most people tell you to not judge a book by its cover, but I am telling you to do the opposite!  Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin Classics is an amazing series full of classic literature, vibrant colors, and tastefully designed covers.  Her new covers make these classics perfect for decoration (after reading, of course).  I first came across them at Anthropologie, in San Diego, when I was shopping with my brother.  I saw the Picture of Dorian Gray and screamed for his attention, since it is his favorite book.  The rest of the love story is history. :) I never thought that these books could have covers that are worthy of their content, I was wrong.

* can be purchased at Penguin and Anthropologie

19 August 2010

feeling ANTHROPOLOGIE-cal?

Sometimes when I am feeling a bit blue, no offense to the color, I go to the mall for a walk.  I know, I know, typical girl, but it works!  Every time I do this, I seem to gravitate towards Anthropologie.  There is something about this store that puts me in a good mood.  Maybe it's the smell of amber, or the Peter Rabbit-esque patterns, or just the unbelievably cute clothes and jewelry, it works every time, like a charm.  Although I enjoy my Anthropologie experience from the moment I walk in, without a doubt, my favorite part is the decor and the furniture section.  BREATHTAKING.  period.  I wish I could have all of it!  In this years August catalog, Anthropologie really outdid itself. 

(The Soren Chair, Painter's Palete is amazing!  Look at the colors! I would love it for my bedroom or living room)

(Streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussells Pillows could brighten up an entire room)

(Thes knobs are not only colorful and cute, but they are an easy way to transform a piece of furniture that you feel might be 'old')

(I love the bed, the rug, the duvet cover...the box.)

I love home decor, but what I love even more is feeling good.  Where do your get your spirits lifted?

la vie en pourpre.

I love purple.  Period.  My bedding, computer sleeve, iPod case, everything I own, that can be purple, is purple.  (Not my car, don't fret).  Although I love the color, I am always afraid to overdue it.  While I was on my usual cyber stalking, I came across these purple design concoctions, and I realized you can have entire room be purple, without overdoing it.

 (Clearly the armoire is puple, which is gorgeous, but lets not overlook the purple velvet ottoman...both simply breathtaking)

 (I love the how settle, yet obvious, the purple is.  Also, the concrast with the black dresser.)

(I want the wallpaper, mirror, and gold pillows for Christmas please!)

(I am in love with this room.  The headboard shape and color are exquisite and the rug is just enough.  The mirrored side dressers are a perfect compliment to the purple in this room)

Now, I just need a purple house to insert all these purple rooms and live my vie en pourpe.  What color do you live your life in?

* images courtesy of Full House and The Decorista

06 August 2010

pillow talk.

I am not fortunate enough to live in same city as my closest friends (excluding my hipster/ninja), so when I see them I want to treasure every moment with them.  My favorite time with my girls is after having a wonderful or even a not so wonderful day, the pillow talk session before going to bed.  Make up off (for some of us ;p), pijamas on, and in the most comfortable state is when the real talk begins.  It is the most wonderful and cheapest therapy anyone could ask for.  The only thing that could make it better, is if you're laying your head on a fabulous pillow.  These are a few of my favorites right now.  

I know you are probably thinking they are a bit much or a bit bright, but pair with the right patterns and solids, they are perfect.  They can make entire living or bedroom. Let the pillows be the star.

*** My absolute favorite is the center silver pillow...I want.

04 August 2010

the alchemist.

I know I am sooo behind on reading The Alchemist, but hey, better late than never.  This book is amazing.  Seriously, so inspiring.  You know when you're reading something or listening to someone and you just want to yell 'Amen'?  Ok, maybe not everyone has that urge, but I do.  Needless to say, I wanted to tell Paulo Coelho 'Amen' the entire time.  I have been making some life changing decisions, as far as professional life goes, and this book really reminded me of where I need to keep my focus and to not loose my passion.  It gave me a friendly reminder that it is always easier to go with the easy path, but it isn't necessary the most fulfilling.  The Alchemist gave me the right boost I needed to confirm that I need to follow my dreams, because in the end, that is what will be more fulfilling.  Do not let the easy route tempt you, identify your calling and fulfill your dreams.  What is your dream?