... i began blogging earlier this month, feb 2010, to have a place where to put the things i like.

... kind of like a little box of goodies i treasure. 

... i was born & raised in san diego, ca., but

... i study in boston, ma.

... i am a student of finance, although my interests hardly show that.

... i love tulips, flats, farmer's markets, & baking.

... i am fluent in spanish & english & soon arabic, inshalla.

... i love mr. darcy.

... my perfect days consist of:

-iced vanilla latte with my brother in the morning
-buying strawberries and avocados at the santa barbara farmer's market at midday with my boyfriend
 -greek salad without onions at urth cafe in los angeles
-afternoon reading sessions
-starbucks at the cambridgeside galleria ;)
-newbury st.
-spring & fall weather in boston

... i recently started appreciating art, for art's sake.

... tokyo is my definition of the citta eterna.

... why le petit bonbon?

... simply because i like little candies.

... last, but not least, i have a passion for crocheting.

......  i hope you enjoy my little box as much as i do. :)