02 August 2010

good day?

When I wake up, I usually know what mood I will be in the rest of the day.  Whether it be good, bad, simple, complicated, so-so, adventurous, etc., it always contributes to what we end up wearing that day.  This morning, when I woke up, I literally felt like I wanted to accomplish something today.  Since I felt accomplished, I felt like looking extra special.  If we look at it the opposite way, the way we look can really affect the way we feel and act.  So why not dress extra special, regardless of how you wake up feeling, in order to turn your day into an accomplished and wonderful one. :) What makes you feel extra special?

Sensi's feeling good.

*On Sensi (my adorable chow chow): silver tory burch reva flats & tweed chanel tote.

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