02 March 2010

when in long beach...have shwarma.

Three years ago (fyi: seems like 15 years), I 'studied' in LA.  It was an amazing time of care-free shenanigans and delectable food.  In LA, is where I met my boyfriend and my first Arab friends.  With that said, one of these Arab friends first introduced me to Open Sesame in Belmont Shores. AMAZING!!! They have sooo much to choose from!!!
(only part of the menu, obviously)

Before we even got to the restaurant, he tells me about some potatoes that are so good, they are almost haram (sinful).  He wasn't lying. (I recommend you ask for a side of spicy sauce.)


Since then, I have probably been like 123456789 times, but who's counting? I have tried almost everything. My boyfriend an I have made it a tradition to go whenever we are in LA (He is the patient boy, with burgundy sweatshirt, behind the potatoes) . This time, I had the chicken shwarma plate. DELICIOUS.

I reccommed:
• Fried potato 
• chicken tawook plate
• chicken shwarma plate
• beef hummus
• Open Sesame salad
• Moroccan ice tea

* Thank you Ibrahim Alzamil for introducing me :)

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  1. I'm basically starving now; everything looks amazing!! :)