07 March 2010

carrot me home.

Anyone who has been around me for the past two months has heard my constant complaining about my dry, cracked skin.  The worst part being that I know the cure and I still insist on trying other products.  Masochist? Probably.  Anyway, long story short, an angel (also known as my right kidney) introduced me to Sabon's Carrot Moisture Lotion almost a year ago.  It is amazing.  Needless to say, I vow to not try other products until I am unhappy with this one (doubt it will ever happen).  I could go on a thirty minute rant, but you can simply check it out yourself! 
p.s. They are only located in Boston and NYC, but you can order online!!!
I Recommend:

 *thank you mai al-athel for introducing me to this little peace of heaven.

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