28 July 2010

it's not hers, it's yours!

First of all, sorry for my 3 month hiatus.  I wish I could say I went to India, learned how to speak Mandarin, saved some lives, or anything of the sort, but the reality is I did not.  Instead I took this time to figure out what I wanted and needed to do with my life.  Thank God, I think I now know, well, for the moment at least. ;) . This summer has been sort of transition for me, professionally and personally.  The weather has been kind of in a funk, too hot or too cold.  It could be my native Southern Californian weather snobbery taking effect, not sure.  Anyway, my summer has been splendid and revealing.  Although I am fully embracing the season, I cannot get into the brights this year.  Instead, my summer has consisted of neutrals and nauticals, with just a little pop of color.  This could be looked down upon, but who cares???  I don't, because I made this Summer my very own. :)  Have you made Summer 2010 yours?

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