11 February 2010

Alexander McQueen, Classic Never Dies. (17 March 1969- 11 February 2010)

Blackbeard could not conjure a better skull than Lee Alexander McQueen. With an impeccable eye for fashion and a mastery of the fantastic, McQueen has touched millions, everywhere from the pompous street of Savile Row to the hipster block of Melrose, and from Prince Charles to Kate Moss. McQueen combined modern-day genius with Gothic aesthetic and brought the depths of the ocean to the runway. He violated the laws of civility by writing "I am a cunt" in the sleeve lining of a suit for Prince Charles and openly supporting Kate Moss during her coke scandal. Lee Alexander McQueen will never be forgotten. Let us celebrate his genius.

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  1. Oh I completely agree! I have his grey/sparkle dress pictured in the bottom of my post. So edgy but designed in a girly relaxed shape.